Day Thirty

Week Five is all about finding ways to have fun.  Having retrieved the shade- cloth necessary to provide shade for Melissa as she took pictures of Grid 47's Roman period basilica floor, Ben and Patrick cut loose with a little dancing.  If only we could animate the picture!

So, in Grid 47 we are busy digging constructional fills associated with the odeon, our late 2nd/early 3rd century Roman theatre.  We are also digging a probe that is telling us more about the 1st century Roman basilica and bouleterion put out of use by the construction of the odeon.  finally, we are continuing various projects to prepare the area for conservation and restoration.

In Grid 38, they are enjoying the assistance of a Grid 47 crew headed by Busby and the new crew is working on LB layers.  The regular Grid 38 crew has been dealing wth 60 loom weights, which are used in weaving, they found on a beaten earth floor which dates to the Iron Age. 

And in Grid 51 they keep excavating their floors in fine grids which are 1 x 1 meter squares.  Why do they do it that way?  Excavating in such small areas allows the supervisors to know exactly where an object came from on the floor.  It's very important information when trying to reconstruct activity areas and other such patterns.  Their floors all date to the Persian period.