Day Three

Day Three

Another beautiful day to excavate. So far the weather is really cooperating and it hasn't gotten too hot.

Grid 38 was again dealing with floors and subfloors today.

Grid 51 started excavating today and Kate reports they removed a Byzantine wall (later reused in the Islamic period), cleared out more of the sewer and uncovered a new tabun (oven) in the insula's courtyard.

I will try to get pictures of both these grids posted in the next couple of days so everyone can see more.

In Grid 44 we uncovered a number of walls and a possible plaster floor. One of the walls is quite substantial, it has a later rebuild on top of it, and we anticipate the area will quickly fill up with architecture. Today we also enjoyed a visit from Michael and Meg, the two microarchaeologists on staff.

Tomorrow is Seminar Day when volunteers have the opportunity to learn about some of the technologies we use as well get tours of the early and late period archaeological material. We should have plenty of photos of the day so check for them tomorrow.