Special Guest Post

We have another special guest post today.  Enjoy!


Hello Everyone! I’m Abby VanderHart, a rising sophomore at Wheaton College studying Biblical Archaeology. I decided to come to Ashkelon this summer in hopes that it would give me a taste of what it’s really like to be an archaeologist, and help me decide if this is a career I would like to pursue. I’ve been here for four weeks, and am amazed at how much I’ve learned in that time.

I am working in Grid 20, also known as “Snake Tower.” Because of our excavations there we can begin to trace the ways in which the fortifications have been repaired and reused, all the way from the Hellenistic to the Crusader period. Sherds of pottery and other artifacts we find can help us in dating the wall. We’ve found pieces of Roman ceramics, glazed pottery from the Fatimid Period, ancient glass, and yes, we’ve found a couple of snakes to!

The program here at Ashkelon is well designed not only to give us experience on the field digging, but also to teach us how information and data gathered from the field is processed and interpreted. It is awesome having so many professors, scholars and supervisors working closely with us who are eager to help us learn and understand. I am excited to continue with the remaining two weeks of the season, and to continue with my schooling back at Wheaton this Fall!

Early Days in Grid 20

Early Days in Grid 20