Junior Archaeology Assignments!

***This was yesterday's post, but internet at the hotel was a little spotty, and I couldn't get the photos to load.  So today you get 2 posts! Woot!***

Saturday is our day off here in Ashkelon.  Today I bought some goggles and spent some time swimming in the Mediterranean Sea looking at old Roman columns and walls underwater!  It was super cool.  

I've decided that on Saturday's I will post the photos of your junior archaeology (JA) assignments.  Here are the one's I received this week. If you did a JA Assignment this week and didn't send me a photo please do so I can share your awesome work!

Annabel Water Park.JPG

A stair case, slide, and pool built by one of our Junior Archaeologists! 

Oil Lamp.JPG

After seeing the Roman oil lamp video, Annabel sent us this picture of her Roman oil lamp. Looks great Annabel!