Lions Tooth!

A few days ago, Ms. Tracy found a lion's tooth in her grid. I went and talked to the bone expert, Paula, to learn about it and lions in Ashkelon. Here is what she had to say!

Junior Archaeology Assignment

Several weeks ago I posted a video about a sheep-goat tooth.  How is this tooth like that tooth? How are the 2 teeth different? Look in the mirror at your teeth. Can you find the tooth in your mouth that is like this sharp lion's tooth?

2 great books to read about teeth are: Whose Teeth are These? or Amazing Animal Teeth! Can you find teeth in those books that are like the lion's or sheep-goat's teeth?

Question of the Day

Why do you think I visited the bone expert to learn about his tooth? Why do you think there are not lions in Ashkelon anymore?


on 2012-07-18 14:01 by Nichole Moos

Right on Oliver!