As the dig is winding down, we had our last digging day today, we have begun to take out some special items that we found during the season. One of those items is an ancient oven called a taboon.  Here is archaeologist Mark to tell you about it.

Here is a picture of what a modern time (remember modern time is what you live in!) taboon looks like.


Like Mark said, the bread dough is slapped on the inside of the oven to cook.  While it looks different then the one we found in Grid 51, it is still used the same way!

Junior Archaeologist Assignment

One of the tastiest things to eat in Israel is bread called Taboon bread! It is made in a modern day taboon like the one you see above.  Can you make taboon bread at home? Here is a recipe for you to make (with the help of your dad/mom). Great news, you don't even need a taboon; you get to make it in a frying pan! Make sure you take pictures of you making the bread and e-mail them to me at, and I will post them on the blog.

Question of the Day

What other sorts of things do you think were cooked in taboon ovens? 


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Hi Miss Kerrie!

I am working on editing the Dr. Hoffman video and will be posting it next week! Thanks for following our adventures!