When I travel in Israel most signs are written in 3 languages English, Hebrew and Arabic. Here are a couple of signs I have seen while driving in Israel:


A road sign telling me where different towns are located. At the top is Hebrew, then Arabic, and at the bottom is English.


This sign is in Arabic and English.

These modern times signs show us that people in different parts of the world write words in different ways. They use different symbols to say the same thing.  The same was true in ancient times. Here is a video of archaeologist Josh showing us a symbol on a store jar handle.  

This store handle was found right by the loom weights. Here is a link to that video in case you have forgotten!

Junior Archaeologist Assignment

Can you create your own symbol system (or alphabet) and write your name? Maybe the letter F can be represented by a flower or the letter N by a nut.  Take a picture of your symbol system and your name and send it to me at I will be sure to post it on the blog!

Question of the Day

Josh said that the meaning of the symbol is unknown.  What do you think the symbol on the jar means? What do you think the archaeologists here can do to determine the meaning of the symbol on the jar?