Finds Display!

Last night was the finds display. During this special event the archaeologists from Ashkelon share all of their best finds! At the finds display geologist Dave was excited to see the alabaster jug we found. Alabaster is a type of rock, so as the rock expert he really wanted to teach you all about it.  

I was thrilled to see some of the things I helped find on the table.  Here is a video of all the neat things I helped to find. (Archaeologist Mark was acting silly when we made this, so be sure to look for him!)

Junior Archaeologist Assignment

Can you find things in your home that come in bottles? Are they in the same sorts of the bottles as this? What types of things come in bottles like the one we found? Take pictures of different bottles you find that you think have an interesting shape and e-mail them to me at

Question of the Day

Why do you think the bottle is made of rock? Do you have any rock bottles at your house?


Geologist Dave thought you all might like to see how alabaster is made, but instead of making a rock bottle you get to make rock candy! Here is a link for you to visit with your parents with directions on how to make rock candy. ROCK CANDY RECIPE Make sure to take pictures and e-mail them to me!

I am looking forward to seeing your photos and geologist Dave cannot wait to hear about the bottles in your house. Remember to post wonders, questions, and ideas in the comments section.


on 2012-07-08 16:02 by Nichole Moos

Thanks for the great photo Nathan! I will post it on the blog later today.  How cool is it that things we are finding here you have at home?! Good work hunting for different types of bottles at your house. We don't find any plastic bottles here, but on Friday we did find some different colored glass (blue and green). The pieces were teeny tiny, and we are not quite sure what they are from.  We know they are not from a bottle, though! As for the temperature it is about 95 degrees every day. 102 is SUPER hot for Chicago. Make sure you wear sunscreen and drink lots of water, that's what we do to stay safe in the hot weather here.