Waffle Day

Today was Waffle Day! We actually made waffles right next to where we dig. It was quite fun, and a very special day. Our friend, Sam, brought a waffle maker from the United States to Israel for us to use. How cool is that! Here is the staff enjoying their waffles.

waffle day.jpg

This is a video I have been saving since I got here, but thought today might be a great day to talk about teeth we find. We find all kinds of teeth animal and human!  Here Alethia tells you about a tooth we found here in Ashkelon.

Junior Archaeologist Assignment

We use different teeth for chewing different items. Can you find something that you use your back teeth for? How about our front teeth? What is something you need to use your pointy teeth to eat? Post what you find in the comments section!

Question of the Day

Why are human and animal teeth shaped differently?


on 2012-07-08 15:56 by Nichole Moos

Right on Iris! We use different teeth to eat soft and hard foods. Some of our teeth grind, while others rip and tear.  The same is true with animals, some animals eat only meat and need sharp ripping/tearing teeth.  This animal, the sheep goat, needs grinding teeth because it eats mainly grass.  Today Ms. Tracy found a LION'S tooth!! How exciting is that!? I am going to visit the bone expert tomorrow to talk about it. Why do you think I visit the bone expert to talk about teeth?