Ground Penetrating Radar

On my last post archaeologist Tracy made the exciting announcement that she would be opening up a new grid this summer, and she shared with us how they picked the spot that they were going to excavate.  My question for her was, "After you pick the area you are going to excavate, how do you know where to start?"  This week she shares one way archaeologists are able to determine where, in a chosen area, they should begin digging.

Junior Archaeology Assignment: 

Alright friends, Archaeologist Tracy wants to where you think she should dig based on what she sees from the ground penetrating radar reading.  Post the color name (green, red, blue yellow) that you think means "there is something here," why you picked that color, and what you think might be there.  

Question of the Day: Why do you think archaeologists use technology like ground penetrating radar to assist them in knowing where to dig?  How do you think archaeologists determined where to excavate before ground penetrating radar?  Archaeologists are not the only people who use ground penetrating radar, when are other times you think people might use ground penetrating radar to help them with a task?