Exciting News!

Greetings Junior Archaeologists!  I have taken a break from blogging the last few months as my preschoolers have been keeping me busy, but I am back and have a HUGE announcement about the archaeological dig in Ashkelon!

Junior Archaeologist Assignment:

Archaeologist Tracy showed us where she was going to be opening up a new area using a topographical map. A topographical map is a way to show high places (hills and mountains) and low places (valleys) on a flat map.  Here is a link to the map archaeologist Tracy was looking at. Can you print it off and identify the features of the Ashkelon Dig site she discussed in the video? Can you find the sea? Grid 51 (where I dig!)? Can you find the high points? Can you draw in the roads and lines of the city walls?  Thinking about what Tracy said regarding how they choose places to excavate (location to roads and height) what other grid do you think might be exciting to excavate?

**The image used by Tracy and linked here was originally published in Ashkelon 1.  Click here to learn about the Ashkelon research publications.

Question of the Day:

Archaeologist Tracy said that 2 reasons people in ancient Ashkelon would build on a high place were that they wanted the view and the cool breeze. Can you think of some other reasons why someone might want to build on a high place?