Welcome to Ashkelon!

Greetings! I have officially landed in Israel and made my way to Ashkelon.  Today was a busy day of videoing and gearing up for excavation tomorrow.  I spent some time talking with Archaeologist Kate about the season so far and what we might find in the coming weeks. Check it out!

Junior Archaeology Assignment: 

In front of Kate you see her iPad. Kate records all sorts of information about what is being found in the field, where it is being found, and other notes about artifact and things she sees.  Your job today is to find a notebook to use as your archaeologist log book throughout the summer.  In your log book you can draw/write your thoughts about our question of the day and observations you make while watching our videos. Remember, all great archaeologists record what they see! 

Question of the day: 

Kate said that so far they have found all sorts of things including puppies and an ivory handle. What other sorts of artifacts do you think we will find this year? 

Post your answers in the comments section. Remember, Hamilton students, anyone who participates in the blog gets to join Archaeologist Tracy for an archaeology party at the beginning of the school year!