Howdy Hamilton!

Well my dig season is officially underway! Today I spent the whole day searching for floors! Like archaeologist Kate said yesterday, we aren't looking for mud brick anymore. Instead, the floors today were beaten earth (dirt) and they had a shell layer on them. My job was to use a patiche (a small pick axe) to carefully remove dirt on top the floor to expose (show) the shell layer and floor.  It was tricky work!

For those students who are at Hamilton School in Chicago, archaeologist Tracy has a special announcement for you! Watch here:

Junior Archaeology Assignment: In your archaeology log book, draw pictures of other tools you think archaeologists use? Remember, we have to move objects as big as walls and as tiny as beads.

Question of the day:  Why do you think the floors in Grid 51 have changed from mud bricks to beaten earth (just dirt)? 

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