Meet Adam!


Today instead of posting a new video for you, I am going to direct you to the web-site of the Harvard Semitic Museum. Adam Aja is the assistant director of the dig here in Ashkelon, and he is also the curator of the Semitic Museum.  He is posting short little videos about cool finds in Ashkelon, as well as day to day life on the dig.  He focuses on the Philistine occupation here in Ashkelon, and he provides lots of neat information on the Philistine people.


Junior Archaeology Assignment: I want you to watch 2 videos from the Harvard website. The first video is about a lion handle we found in Grid 51. The link for it is HERE.

The second video is about a blade, a coin, and a comb found in Grid 44. The link for it is HERE

Can you find any items like these in your home? Draw the objects you saw in the videos in your log book and draw items in your home next to them. You could also take pictures of objects and send them to me at 

Question of the Day: Are there any items you have in your home that we don't have not found in ancient Ashkelon?

Please send your photos, thoughts, and questions to me at or you can post your comments below!