Map Makers

Did you know that we have map makers here on the dig in Ashkelon? These map makers help the archaeologist keep track of what they are finding and where they are finding it. Take a look at this video of Ben, a GIS Technician (Map Maker), as he explains how he makes maps of what we are finding here in Ashkelon.

Junior Archaeology Assignment: In your log book make a map of a room or outside space at your house. Like Ben, try and use the shapes of the objects to represent them on your map. For example, a bush could be a circle or your bed a rectangle. Send me a picture of your map (, and I will share it with all of our friends here on the kids blog.

Question of the Day: Why are maps important in understanding Ashkelon? What do you think archaeologists did before using computers to make maps? 

Remember you can send me your thoughts, ideas, and questions at or post them below!