What in the World Answer!

Hi all! Thanks for your great guesses regarding our what in the world object.  I think you will all be surprised by what zooarchaeologist Paula has to say about it in the video below.  In addition to identifying our what in the world object at the end of the video, Paula also wanted to share some of her favorite bone handles we have found here in Ashkelon.


Junior Archaeologist Assignment:  Paula shared all sorts of different handles with us today. In your log book draw pictures of handles in your house. Are the handles from your bathroom similar to those in your kitchen? Are there any rooms in our house that have no objects with handles? You can photograph your objects with handles or your drawings and send them to me at teachashkelon@gmail.com! I would love to see what you are up to!

Question of the Day: We saw many handles but none of the knives and implements that were attached to the end. What do you think happened to the items that were at the end of the handles? 

Please send me your ideas at teachashkelon@gmail.com or you can comment below!