Toady's video is from Kate and highlights one of the ways people made purchases in ancient Ashkelon.  Paper money and coins have not always been used to buy things, and in ancient Ashkelon items were given a certain weight and if you wanted to purchase the item you had to pay using the correct weight of gold, silver, or other material.  Check it out!

Junior Archaeology Assignment: Today I want to you to make a balance scale like the ones used in Ashkelon! Here are the instructions.   Be sure to take a photo and send it to me.  You could also set up a little store and instead of using coins and paper money, set your prices in weight and have your customers pay you in beans!

Question of the Day: What sorts of items do you think people in ancient Ashkelon purchased? How were these items packaged?

Post your ideas below in the comments section. You can also e-mail me at kids@digashkelon.com. I love to see what you are up to so, please send photos!