Annabel's Answer

A couple of days ago Annabel read on the blog that I was excavating a floor area and found a collection of shells.  She was curious how the shells got there. What a great questions! Here is a video answer for Annabel and you, too!

Junior Archaeology Assignment:  In the video I talk about how archaeologist do not always know the answers to every  question.  They can make predictions, though, based on what they know. For example, I stated in the video the place we are digging is near the Mediterranean Sea. In your archaeology log book can you make a prediction as to why someone in Ancient Ashkelon might have had shells on their floor? Remember, we don't know what happened above the floor- it may be a house or a working space. 

Question of the Day: What additional information might help the archaeologists know what the shells were for? In other words, what sorts of artifacts or structures might we find that may give us more information about the shells?

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