Archaeology Field Tools

Earlier in the week I shared that I had the opportunity to work on excavating a floor in Grid 51. One of your Junior Archaeology tasks was to draw pictures of tools you think archaeologists use.  Well friends, pull out your log books and watch this video to see if you had any of these tools recorded.  The first video looks at a few large tools that archaeologists in Ashkelon use and the second video shows some of the small tools we use here.

Junior Archaeology Assignment:  Look around your home, do you have anything that is similar to the tools we use in archaeology in Ashkelon? Ask a parent if you can try using one of the tools in your sandbox or garden. Have them take a picture and send it to me at!

Question of the Day: How do you think archaeologists know when to switch from using a big tool to excavate an area to a small tool? Remember, archaeologists "read the dirt" so, what might they see?

Remember to post your thoughts, questions, and comments in the comments section below. You can also e-mail me at I love to hear from you!