Over the last year I have been collecting archaeology video/topic ideas from children and teachers across the United States.   An overwhelming number of you requested videos from our awesome zooarchaeologist Paula. You all wanted bone videos. Well, friends, I give you the first in a series of videos about items found in Ashkelon that were made from bone.  This video is on game pieces that have been found in Israel. I think you will be surprised how familiar they are!

Junior Archaeology Assignment:  Look around your home for game pieces that are similar to ones Paula showed us.  Draw them in your archaeology log book.  Here is a link so you can make your own die.  Can you make the opposite sides of your die add up to 7? Can you decorate it to represent you and your interests? 

Question of the Day: Can you think of any other games that people in ancient Ashkelon might have played? Remember, not all games have "pieces" to them for us to find.

E-mail me your dice photos and drawings at I love to hear your thoughts, wonders, and questions so, post them in the comments section below.