What in the World?

This spring I partnered with Dr. Tracy Hoffman and other archaeologists in Ashkelon to create a program we called Skype with an Archaeologist . 6 classes, 180 students, had the opportunity to participate in weekly video phone calls with archaeologists here in Ashkelon.  One of their favorite activities to do was What in the World?. In this activity we shared photos of objects found in Ashkelon and the students had to guess what the objects were, and then the archaeologists shared information about the object.  We  will be continuing our What in the World?! over the summer. Here is a photo of our first object:


Junior Archaeology Assignment: Draw what you see in your archaeology log book. Have you seen anything like this before? Do you have anything like this at your home or in your community? 

Question of the Day: How do you think archaeologists would go about trying to determine what this object was and it's purpose?

Post your thoughts in the comments section below! You can also e-mail me your ideas and/or photos of your log book drawings to teachashkelon@gmail.com.