Community day at the dig site.

This week at the different dig sites, students in 6th-10th grade from Ashkelon came to visit and help us dig. We showed them the different tools we use, how to remove different layers of mud brick and rock, and how the items we found might have been used in homes before. In return, students had the chance to teach us some Hebrew and ask questions about living in America. It was a great day for community involvement and for the chance to show these students the history of their city.

Junior Archaeologist Assignment:

Look for archaeological opportunities around where you live! Are there places you can see at museums or through the Boy Scouts that may help you learn more about archaeology field work? (If you live in the Chicago area, look at this offering through the Field Museum!)

Question of the Day: 

Why do you think our dig thinks it's so important to show students in our area the different grid sites and how we dig?