How else can we use archaeology?

I've met a lot of really interesting people on the dig, one of which being Gordy. Gordy is an archaeologist in the United States, and he comes to do digs in Israel for vacation! 

At Gordy's work, they are hired to look in the ground for artifacts before any large things are built, like railroads or buildings. Companies do this so that they know they are not going to ruin any historical pieces as they are building.

Listen as Gordy tells you a little more about what he does.

Junior Archaeologist Assignment:

Look at the map on this page to see listings of digs around the world. Are they all looking for the same thing? What are the different sites in America? How are the digs alike and how are they different? Which one seems the most interesting to you, and what periods are they studying? Are all of the periods the same as what we study in Ashkelon? (Hint-Look at our vertical time line module to see the different periods we study)

Question of the Day:

How might what archaeologists find change based on where they are digging? For example, do you think archaeologists would find the same things in Massachusetts that they find in Nevada? Who were the people that lived in these different regions?