Community Day at Ashkelon

Once a year, students from Ashkelon are invited to come dig with us at the different grid sites. There are two main reasons for this.

1. Our dig wants the community to know what we are studying and finding in the sights so they are more connected with their history. It's important to know what happened in the past, especially when it is so close to where you live!

2. We want students to see the importance of archaeology when making decisions later on in life. Archaeologists can't explore if they do not have support of the community that surrounds the site!

Grid 51 had nine students come in to use patiches, sweep, practice pick axe-ing, and move rock walls. (If you want to see how all of these tools are used, watch this video!)

Check out these pictures of students working in the grid and washing pottery, as well as a clip of two students talking about their time with us today.